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Calendar of Upcoming Events



Friday 5th "The Importance of Twinning Post-Brexit."

The Oberbürgermeister of Bamberg, Mr Andreas Starke, has agreed to attend, as has Mr John Hobley from the British German Association. A representative from the German Embassy may also be attending.

We hope you will provide your full support.


Monday 2nd


Monday 9th    

Trip to Bamberg


Message from Edward

I have decided to fly from Gatwick to Munich with Easyjet as the cost currently is cheaper and more importantly the times are better, even if there are longer transfer times. Furthermore we have the option of travelling by train if we cannot get the numbers for a coach and indeed that may be preferable. So the details are:


Monday 2 Sept.

Gatwick to Munich

Flight U2 8983

13.25 - 16.20


Monday 9 Sept.

Munich to Gatwick

Flight U2 8984

16.50 - 17.50


I have booked the flights for Jo and I at a total cost of £158 which includes one hold case up to 23 kg so very reasonable. So if you are planning to fly, I would suggest you book promptly before the price goes up. Can you please then confirm to me and also advise how you would prefer to travel to Gatwick. Also can those going by car to Bamberg also let me know.


This should be a great week as I have the following trips in mind apart from what we do in Bamberg itself:

  • A visit to Ansbach with a guided tour, and late afternoon on to the picturesque and tourist hot-spot Rothenberg-ob-der-Tauber.

  • A visit to the "beer capital" of Bavaria, Kulmbach, returning through the beautiful Swiss Franconia.

  • A visit by train to Nuremberg, perhaps optional.

As you know, I will do my best to keep costs as low as possible.


Many of you will have hosts already arranged, but if not, we will do our best to do this for you on the basis that you will hopefully host them the following year. We have never failed to find hosts for anyone. If you wish to stay in a hotel, one of the hosts, Vanessa, is a manager in one in the centre so a stay there could be arranged. Please do not delay booking your flight as accommodation can be sorted out subsequently.

Please email me if you have any queries but I look forward to hearing from you asap. Hope to see you all at our St Nikolaus evening on Saturday 1 December.


Best wishes.